Travelmatch Flights User Guide

1. Background
2. Is Flights for me?
3. How do I get a password?
4. Registering routes
  4.1 Entering brand name/ response details
  4.2 Entering flight routes
  4.3 Editing and uploading flight routes
5. FAQs

v2.0 May 2008

Graham Barnes

1. Background

This document describes how to obtain a password for Flights (an ABTECH password) and how to upload your routes and edit them. The final section is a list of FAQs, all of which have been asked at least once.

2. Is Flights for me?

If you sell flight only product direct to the consumer, are an ABTA member or ATOL holder and believe you have competitive fares or scarce inventory to offer, the answer is yes.
Listing up to 20 flight routes is a free service.

3. How do I get an ABTECH password?

To request an ABTECH password go to:

This form requests your ABTA number and email address. (If you are not an ABTA member you may request a ID from ABTECH.)
Fill it in and submit the form.

The ABTECH password issued enables you to load flight routes(see below) and also to upload Travel Offers.

If no ABTECH password has yet been issued for your company, one will be emailed back to you, usually within minutes. Once you get your password proceed to section 4 below.

If ABTECH has already issued a password to your company (maybe for someone else in your organisation uploading Offers), we will tell you, so that you have a chance to co-ordinate matters with them. 

However the screen you see has an 'override' link in it. Click on this link and we will go ahead and issue a new password to you. Use the override if you have cleared lines with the previous password owner, or if you know that there will be no password conflict with the previous owner (for example if they have left the company).

4. Registering routes

4.1 Entering brand name/ response details

Once you have the password, go to:

When you access this page you will be prompted for your ABTA/ TM number and ABTECH password.

The next screen requests, one time only, some basic details:
- your flight only brand - i.e. the trading name against which your flights will be listed. This field is mandatory.
- response telephone number. This is the number you wish consumers to call with their flight enquiries.

If you enter these details incorrectly, you will be able to correct them later in the process.

After submitting this data you will be routed to the main flight entry page.

4.2 Entering flight routes

Note first the Logout button. Come back to this screen and log out when you have finished entering and uploading all your flights. If you do not do this you will remain logged in for 1 hour before being automatically logged out. Note that if you plan to enter routes for more than one company you will need to log out between sessions.

Enter your flight routes in priority order. Higher priority entries will be displayed ahead of low priority entries.

You cannot register more than one 'priority 1' route.

The country list drop-down box is in alphabetical order. Select a country. The airports within that country that have ex-UK routes are then displayed.

Use this screen to enter up to 20 ex-UK routes.

When you are done, click on Edit/ Publish.

4.3 Editing and uploading flight routes

The Edit screen gives you a chance to change priorities and delete routes. Any priority conflicts are shown on this screen - when two routes with the same priority.

This screen also gives you the option of updating your brand information.

When the routes displayed reflect your final choice, click on Publish.

Your flight routes are now live on

To see the Flight Channel from a consumer viewpoint go to:

Only airports with active ex-UK routes (i.e. with one or more FC flight routes registered) are shown in the drop-down boxes.

If you have just published a route, select that route and you should see your brand listed.

5. FAQs

Q. I already have a password which I previously used for uploading offers to Can I use that?
A. Yes. We are now calling this your ABTECH password and it can be used for both Offers and for Flights. Note however that you cannot use this password for updating offers on the new (post May 2008) site. The two sites now operate independently.

Q. We specialise in business class fares. Can we feature that?
Q. We specialise in one-way fares. Can we feature these?
A. Unfortunately not yet. However adding a 'strap line' in the style of the main listings is being considered as a future enhancement.

Q. How do I upload my fares?
A. At present Flights does not carry flight prices or availability - it is a signposting service.

Q. Can I refer consumers on to my web site - it takes online flight bookings?
A. Not at the moment. Our thinking here is that once consumers have identified a number of member companies that claim to offer good fares to a given destination, they will want to contact them by phone. Routing them to a web site where they have to enter once again the destination required is not ideal. If it were possible to 'deep link' into a flight booking site so that the consumer does not have to rekey their requirements, that would be better. If your site allows that please contact us.

Q. We can provide you with XML data on flight inventories. Is that OK?
A. Not yet. These options are all under review.

Q. Can I feature routes that aren't listed in the drop down boxes?
A. Yes - we will add in other destinations from time to time. Please contact with the requested destination/country.

Q. I want to feature more than one Flight Brand in the FC listings. Can this be done?
A. At present we can cater for only one Flight Brand per company.